Why PECO Powersaver

High Quality and Reliability
by the Strictly Quality-Oriented Policy


We have achieved our own quality management system from over 20-year experience
and strictly apply the quality-oriented policy for the whole working process from an
incoming inspection to a final QA gate.

We are proud of being recognized as a quality product manufacturer instead of a cheap-
priced product maker in the Korean industry.


We have been caring about the best raw material suppliers for over 20 years and our
selection of parts suppliers only depends on quality and reliability.

We always consider our mission to minimize failures of the future operation at customers’
installation sites.

We focus on reliability-driven manufacturing. We know who are quality-based parts
suppliers in Korea. We consider how long our products maintain the original quality
without failure.

We believe that our continuous effort to drive reliability policy will save the total operation
cost of our clients and even our after-sale service cost by preventing failure.