PECO Powersaver Features

PECO Zig-zag Auto-transformer
Unique Design of Zig-zag Winding
Power Saving Technology

PECO power saving auto-transformers have 4% voltage drop from the primary voltage.
This setting doesn’t change.

No tap change. PECO power saving auto-transformers make loads between phases more balanced,
mitigate zero sequence harmonics, and reduce power losses from loads.

We apply zig zag winding technology with our own design. Since the zig-zag
winding is interconnected star winding connection, output of each phase is the vector
sum of the other two phases offset by 120°.
PECO Powersaving transformers are specially designed to increase power saving efficiency
and prevent fires caused by overheating.

We have over 10-year experience of OEM and subcontract manufacturing of power
saving zig-zag autotransformers.