Why PECO Powersaver

ATS Protection
Unique Zig Zag Winding Technology
Aramid Insulation Paper

When designing the PECO Powersaver, we focused on safety to prevent fires and reduce heat.
Please find the actions of our efforts.

ATS Protection

An ATS is supposed to protect the PECO power saving zig-zag transformer
automatically switching to by-pass mode for an emergency of overloads.

* Caution > Once an ATS operates by an emergency of overload,
   there might be a possibility of arc specially on the switching moment.
   Please do not manually switch over the ATS with loads.
   If you need any manual switching, please follow the manual of PECO Powersaver.
   See the article: SAVING & BY-PASS Manual Switching.

Unique Design of Zig Zag Winding

PECO Powersaver's unique design partially adopts normal transformer
tapping method based on autotransformer structure.

This new design requires more winding of zig-zag turns to implement the normal
transformer's 4% voltage drop tap on autotransformer.

Finally there are two benefits to reduce heat caused by loads and improve power saving
and harmonics by reducing neutral phase current.

Aramid Insulation Paper: H Class

We use H Class Aramid Insulaton Paper of DuPont for all power-saving transformers.

Moreover, we use only strictly selected parts from our reliable suppliers which we have
cared about for 20 years.